So how does it all work?

I always love meeting new people, so we book a discovery call where we can both get together whether face to face or over zoom, whichever is easiest and have proper conversation about what your needs and goals are, and how I can help you achieve them. 

Next I will email you my Personal Branding Workbook, along with the contract and everything else. 

My Workbook takes you through thinking about your business, step by step, your branding, your values, how you work, who your ideal clients and markets are.  As part of this we will talk about locations, props, outfits and all the fun such. Not forgetting accessories and the brand colours you need to inject into your shoot. We will also touch on things that you may be worried or concerned about. I want you to enjoy the shoot and have fun, not be worried. 

All this information will mean you will have a completely bespoke shoot and you will come away excited to see the images. 

We work together so you’re never unsure what is happening and I can answer any questions you have, when you have them. That way we can make sure that when we actually get to the shoot we know everything has been done to ensure you get the most out of my time and you come away with an amazing selection of on brand images that you can use for your business to help you achieve those goals we set out at the beginning. 

You will have a bank of beautiful images that you can go to as and when you need them.