Hello I’m Jane a Professional Branding Photographer

Hello, so you want to know more about me? Here goes….
I help female business owners and entrepreneurs by creating a strong visible brand presence.

I provide them with a beautiful bank of on brand images for all of their on and off line needs. I save them time and stress by doing this.

They use these images help attract more clients to their business and increasing their sales.

I really enjoy meeting and getting to know each of my clients and I love watching them use the images I create to help their business go from strength to strength.


Personally I also love taking photographs of details in nature that other people often don’t see. I look for those small details and those interesting bits.

I enjoy being by the sea, taking long dog walks with Wilson, my permanently muddy Golden Retriever and sometimes dragging my two teenage boys along with me. And finally, I love exploring and mooching around European cities with my better half, always with some gin and tonic fueled people-watching thrown in.